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Here is a great website by some people from the Institute for Creation Research. I highly recommend it.


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I would like to thank all the great Christian organizations such as Creation Science Evangelism, Answers In Genesis, and Creation Ministries International for all their hard work and superb information that has helped and inspired millions, including myself.

Here is a list of articles by CMI that are full of valuable information that anyone interested in Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs and Fossils.


This article by the ICR discusses the find of a Dinosaur fossil that is found out of place in an area known for marine fossils.


An excellent article about Dinosaurs and if they all laid eggs or if some suckled their young.


This article is for those who do not understand why people believe Dinosaurs were in the Bible.


A good article by Creation Ministries International about Dragons being real animals, Dinosaurs, and not figments of human imagination.


Another great article about findings of Dinosaur soft tissues and what they mean for the age of the Earth.


Excellent article detailing freesh Dino protein in fossils.


It was long said that Herbivorous Dinosaurs, especially Sauropods would have had a hard time getting proper nutrition since grass wasn't around during their ages since it hadn't evolved yet. But in 2005 fossil evidence was found showing that Dinosaurs indeed ate grass.


Back in November a Mosasaur fossil was discovered that had remains of soft tissue including tissue that made up skin, eyes and internal organs, and what seems to be the remains of some stomach contents. This amazing discovery is possible because soft tissue, or any organic tissue cannot survive for tens of millions of years, yet only a few thousand is quite possible, such as animals buried in the Flood.


Dinosaurs section update.

    The Dinosaurs section has been updated and the animals have now been placed in categorized sections in the subpage The Ancient reptiles so that it will much easier to find and view the Dinosaurs and their kin. Hopefully thi will be much preferred over the old, super long page that had them all on one page that took forever to scroll through.

This link goes to Answers in Genesis where you can buy a good book called"The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!".


Scientists have supossedly discovered a species of Theropod which only has one finger.


This is an interesting article about a possible Pterosaur sighting in 1903 Pennsylvania.


This is an extremely sad article...It breaks my heart to see these statistics and know they are real...


This article breifly discusses why we don't normally find human and Dinosaur remains together in strata.


Anti Christianity adds are becoming a regular part of the Christmas season. Sadly it will likely only increase. But the fact remaisn that most of these adds seem to be a waste of money that could be better spent if Atheists are indeed just as likely and able to do good as their religious bretheren..


This article is one of many discussing the supposed extinction of the Dinosaurs and their kin.


This is a link to a good article on Ansers in Genesis about unfossilized Dinosaur bones that have been found in recent decades. The presence of these bones is a conundrum for those who believe in Evolution and millions of years separating humans and Dinosaurs since these bones could not be unfossilized after so many years.


Article on Dinosaur growth by Creation Ministries International.


Christmas gifts for Christians.

Video games, toys, and clothes are all good and fun, well, actually they are awesome, but when Christmas shopping I think every Christian should stop and think "what should I get or ask for that would help me in my relationship with Christ?". This can be a VERY difficult question to answer these days. However it is not impossible to get Christian orriented gifts for loved ones or even yourself. If someone likes jewelry, perhaps buy them a Cross necklace. If that sounds far too common, how about an Ichthus necklace? Or a "Purity" ring maybe? I don't know if these sound good to any of you, but hey I thought they'd make nice gifts with a Christian tone. How about books? There are literally thousands of books for Christians covering every topic you can think of. There are tons of Apologetics books out by such prestigious institutes as Answers in Genesis and many others. Have a Christian relative interested in history? You can get them a book that deals with history from a Christian perspective. After the Flood by Bill Cooper is a great read and there are countless others. There are many great science related books out by many different authors and institutes such as The New Answers Books 1-3 by Answers in Genesis authors. How about a good old fashioned King James Version Bible? You'd be surprsied how few people these days have read this original version and have gone over to the newer, "opinionated" versions. It's good to read the original and see the differences. How about Chrisitan music? You could buy somone a Casting Crowns CD or Tshirt. For the tech savy person, you can even get the Bible on your Kindle or Ipad. There are lot's of ways to give gifts that are Christian appropriate, even if it is hard to think of any of the top of your head. I suggest browsing the online stores of places such as Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, or going to your local Christian store such as Lifeway or Family Christian Stores. However you do it, do it. Too few people these days keep Christ in Christmas, and He's even in the word! CHRIST. MAS. I believe in Spanish that means "more Christ" lol. Th point is, during the Christmas season, please try to keep things focused on Christ and the love He gives us, even through our friends and family, and not on material possesions. Afterall, He is the reason we as Christians are celebratign the holiday.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone! :)

Sorry for the late post but as we all know, the Holiday season can be time consuming. I hope and pray that everyone had a good, fun, and safe Thanksgiving and that everyone gets home in the same manner. For now, let's all try to relax and enjoy time with our loved ones. :)

Author claims Dinosaurs aren't portrayed with feathers enough.

While it is no surprise that in the last few years "feathered Dinosaurs" have been heralded as established fact, one author says that this image is not shown enough. Though this image is certainly popular these days, feathers have never actually been verified on any Dinosaur fossil, all supposed feathers yet found have been determined to be remnants of Collagen fibers that frayed shortly after death. Collagen is a protein in tendons, ligament and skin. Collagen can also be found in cartilage, blood vessels, the cornea and the gut. It serves as a connective tissue that holds body parts and organs together so to speak. Given these facts, the image of Dinosaurs clad in colorful feathers like Falcons and Peafowl are becoming more rampant due to Evolutionary thinking. Ignoring evidence, many Paleontological illustrations are nowadays depicting many Dinosaur species with feathers that have never even been found with anything remotely resembling feathers or feather-like structures. This goes beyond making the public aware of scientific findings and goes into the realm of mere propaganda meant to further a certain groups goal. It is sad to see how much the scientific community has become entrenched in foundless dogma to the extent that scientists ignore science.


Dinosaur discovered in church.

The remains of a Dinosaur have been discovered in the marble slab of a church in Vigevano.


Youtube video discusses the link between Dragons and Dinosaurs.

There is a series of videos on Youtube discussing the link between Dragons and Dinosaurs. Though the video seems to be from an Evolutionary perspective, it seems to make some of the same arguments as Creationists on how Dragons may very well have been Dinosaurs. And although this supposed link comes form ancient people finding fossils, it is intriguing that Evolutionary scientists would discuss this topic in a pro way. For anyone interested, please watch the whole series and post your thoughts on our Facebook page.


New Dinosaurs or Dragons documentary is amazing!

    A new documentary has been made by a number of people from various people from several leading Creationist research organizations. The title of the film is Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution. The film discusses the strong link between Dragons and the reptiles we know today as Dinosaurs and how the topic relates to both Christian beliefs and science. The film also discusses the topic of Dinosaurs living with humans at the same time on earth as well as soem still living today and touches on virtually every Creationist topic that is well known. The film is voiced by many top ranking creationists such as Ken Ham, Carl Wieland, Dr. John Morris, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Rob Carter, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Dennis Swift, Dr. David Catchpoole, Otis Kline, Brian Thomas, Frank Sherwin, Dr. Chuck Missler, and Darek Isaacs.

    This film not only discusses these well known and extremely important topics, but are presented in such an amazingly well done film that you would swear you were at the IMAX at a major science museum! The materials are all gone over by top ranking researchers and scientists in a fair, realistic and professional manner with a very open minded, non-biased attitude all the while staying extremely interesting and intriguing. I applaud the people that made this film and Pray to God they make another to continue this important and captivating topic. This film is the kind of thing that Creationists need to see and show others, it is the kind of film that has been needed for decades and has finally come. The only thing bad about this movie is that it ends, and after around 90 minutes of pure informative, mind opening evidence and discussion, it is a heftier film than many others that have been made so far, and most any other film of this type you will find will either be a debate, which most people will not want to watch 2 hours of, or will not be nearly of this quality! I give this film 10 out of 10!


Here is a link to the film which is broken into 9 parts on Youtube.


This is an excellent article by Answers in Genesis about the topic of rain before the flood and how Christians should not use the argument that there was no rain before the flood.


Richard Dawkins says Religious schools should teach all religions, not just their own.

    Famous Atheist Richard Dawkins has made public statements regarding "faith schools", by which he means schools that have a religious background and environment. While it is true that most religious affiliated schools do focus mostly on their own religion or denomination, many schools do touch on mroe than just their own religious views in order to give studetns the ability to judge for themselves what they want to believe. Dawkins also seems to argue that students are not introduced to secular views enough. As if this was factually based.

    Dawkins' article alsso touches on the subject of Atheist parenting. He states that many Atheists will pretend to "find God" in order to get their children into better schools, this being that private schools often provide better education and learning environments than public schools. Dawkins says he would do the same thing if he were "in their shoes".  Dawkins goes on to say that since he has no beliefs, he would be not be betraying anything. This mindset of "Athesits cannot be hypocritical" is quite flawed. Just because Athesits hold Nhilistic views does nto mean they cannot betray those views. For example, if an Atheist were to repent and becoem a Christian, or convert to some other religion that has any single belief regarding the supernatural, that person would be completely betraying their former Atheist beliefs, and therfore a hypocrite to other Atheists.

    Dawkins is best known for his famous books such as The God Delusion, The Selfish Gene and many more, all based soley on his own strongly Anti-Christian views. While Dawkins makes a good point about religiously based educational institutions teachings the beliefs of multiple reiligions, he argues as if students are never given any information except that regarding the schools reilgious views, as if they are brainwashed into believers. This is usually not the case, at least with many Christian schools, particularly Protestant schools. Whle the teachings may not always be part of the curriculum, the discussions normally take place, often during discussion times. Dawkins, as usual, has shown a clear lack of understanding on religious matters and presented a severly distorted image of religious views and workings.




CreationWki page on Dragons

    This page on Creationwiki, the Creationist answer to Wikipedia, has a lto of good info on Dragons and how they relate to Dinosaurs as well as several stories about real encounters with Dragons throughout history.


Temperature drop in "Cretaceous Era" may have helped kill off Dinosaurs.

    Recent studies from a German University have concluded that during the "Cretaceous Era" there was a significant drop in ocean temperatures, indicating a drop in climate temperatures as well. It is believed this drastic reduction in temperatures may have aided in eliminated the ancient reptiles of the past though the exact cause is somewhat up for debate. While many researchers have yet to conclude what this finding was caused by, most Creationist researchers will likely concluded this climate change to the aftermath of the Great Flood of Genesis. After the Flood the globe was drastically altered and just so, so was the temperature around the globe. The Creationist model has no issues with such temperture related findings, Ice age, etc. In fact the Creationist model predicts such a drop in temperature following the Flood, and a cooler Earth in the last few thousand years is a fact that is certainly supported by scientific findings. It seems that though both Evolutionists and Creationists agree on these temperature changes, only the Creationists have identified the cause to the effect.


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Quotes section updated.

    The Quotes on science section has been updated to look better and I have also added several new quotes so please feel free to look through them and see what many professors, educators, researchers and others have to say about the theory of  Darwinian Evolution.

Scriptual Creationism section added.

    I have FINALLY added the section on Scriptual Creationism and though it is new and there is very little info in it as of yet, there will be more added as time allows. There are several sections regarding what the Bible says abotu several aspects of human life and history, and even though they are nothing new, I encourage all whop visit this site to at least look at the information in these sections.

New section coming soon!

Soon we will be adding a new section on Scriptural Creationsim. This section will obviously show where the Bible itself supports Young Earth Creationism as well as Dinosaurs, Dragons and other things on this website. This is one of the most needed and crucial sections to this site and it is long overdo for creation( no un intended) and inclusion. The reason this section has not been added yet is because we felt it was better to add the other topics and evidence first. We felt it was better to add the facts and scientific sections first so as not only to make the site appealing to a wider audience, but also to not come off as a purely religious argument. This is important since Creationism is based in science just as much as scripture, but it IS base in BOTH, so soon we will be adding the Scriptural section(s) to more fully complete the feel, essence and argument of this site. Completing the picture, if you will.

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FAQ updated.

I have updated the FAQ section and added several articles. Please enjoy and don't forget to leave feedback in the Feedback section, especially if your a new visitor.

New study suggests that Torosaurus may be adult specimens of Triceratops.

A new study by Montana State University paleontologists John Scannella and Jack Horner suggest that a comprehensive study of fossils of Triceratops and Torosaurus strongly point to the two animals being the same species, only different growth stages, with Tororsaurus being mature adults of the species. This comes after several recent taxonomical declarations after findings have come forth regardign Dinosaur fossils, causing paleontologists to reclassify numerous species.



The largest burial bed of Dinosaurs ever found has been uncovered in Alberta, Canada. The area covers 2.3 square kilometers and is comprised of hundreds, possibly thousands of Dinosaur bodies, most if nto all are Ceratopsian ( horned and frill necked) Dinosaurs. One thing that will stick out the most to Creationists is the fact that the Dinosaurs are said to have all been buried in flood waters. The article mentions that floods are usually the proposed cause for many different bonebeds throughout Canada seem to be the best reason for these and many  other large fossil deposits around the world. These perfectly coincide with the predictions Creationists have made regarding the burial of DInosaurs in relation to the Flood of Noah since the whole world was covered with water.


Here is a good article on the Hawkesbury creatures that have been reported for hundreds if not several thousand years by both Aborigines and westerners. The animals are said to be a type of Plesiosaur.


ICR has a new short article discussing yet another study recently doen that shows that there is no such thing as "junk DNA".


Here is an extremely well done article discussing the reality of the famous Australopithecus Afarensis fossil "Lucy" being merely a Chimpanzee. Lucy is one of the most well known Homonid fossils used to support Darwinian Evolution of Human beings from Apes and monkey's through common ancestry. Most people that have heard of fossil Homonids have heard of the famous Lucy who was named after teh Beatles song Lucy in the sky with Diamonds. If Lucy is jsut the fossil of a Chimpanzee then why is it never mentioned to the public as such? As with all other proposed evidences of Darwinism, Lucy is quickly hailed as another stone cold proof immediastely after discovery and the findings of being not proof at all later on are kept quite and away form teh public. How is this science?


Revoking degrees from Creationists?


    A recent web article has discussed the fact that some individuals want to take back degrees from Creationists, be they Creationists at the time of graduating or if they became Creationists later. Obviously this is a ploy by some less than tolerant individuals to FORCE anyone that believes the Bible to be true while working in a field of science to either convert to Darwinism or be unable to work as a teacher or researcher again.

    Tactics like this are a sign that one party is threatened of another and wishes to stop it at the source by taking the degrees that allow individuals their jobs. Darwinists wish to remove the ability to be employed in education or science of any kind without endorsing Evolution. If only the Darwinian view is heard then it will have no competition and therefore it will be the only available or acceptable answer.

    Obviously such a move is not only against moral codes but laws as well, namely freedom of speech, soemthing that is a right to every human no matter where on the gloabe they may live. The fact that some hold Materialistic beliefs and despise Creationism has no bearing on the merit of those who believe that not only the Bible is true, but also that God's word and observable science coincide and do not conflict. The want to discredit and strip degrees from Creationist Scientists is no different than the labeling of the Jews and putting them into Ghetto's. Such an act would not only violate educational ethics but the human rights of many individuals. If inacted, it would be nothing short of Communist Totalitarianism in an attempt to "control science".



Neanderthals proven human


Recent studies of "Neanderthal" DNA has revealed that our "ancient ancestor" is in fact fully human. The study has found that Neanderthal DNA is 99.97% similar to modern human DNA. This is probably little surprise to many Creationist and Intelligent Design researchers since it has been known for quite some time that Neanderthals were nto part ape but merely another race of human beings, though not accepted by most Evolutuonary researchers. The .03% difference is believed to be due to the fact that only 60% of he genome was recovered, and the theory that humans may have been more genetically diverse several thousand years ago. Neaderthals have long been portrayed as very hairy, slump postured, small brained brutish and somewhat apelike creatures that could not even talk aside from grunting and screaming and barely function in any human like ways. THis has nto been based on scientific findings however. Most research into Neanderthals ahs revealed them to be fully human and actually very intelligent, only thay lives in makeshift camps or caves (much like some humans do today). The recent discovery that Neanderthals share so much DNA relation with us has certainly come as a shock to many that believe in the Darwinian view of history, but it has only reinforced the beliefs held by Creationists and Intelligent Design theorists, as well as confirming their scientific predictions.



New Pterosaur in Texas.

A new species of Pterosaur has been discovered in texas and it has brought up all sorts of questions because of it's unique characteristics.


Noah's Ark found?

Recent claims of the discovery of Noah's Ark have come forth due to findings of a large wooden structure on Mt. Ararat. The Turkish and Chienese Evangelical explorers that discovered the scructure say they are 99.9% sure that the object is indeed Noah's Ark. Whether it is or not has yet to be established and no definitive leaps in declaration should be made until test results have come in from studies and tests. WHatever the structure is, it is indeed not a hoax, but a genuine old, wooden structure largely encased in volcanic rock and ice. It will be fascinating if it turns out to be the Ark of Noah. The main thing to take away from this is that establishing the reality of Noah's Ark would do much to increase the claims of Creationist researchers and Bible believing Christians. And while the structure found by the Wyatt archeological team and established as Noah's Ark National Park is believed by many to be the remains of the Ark, We will only know for sure when/if it is ever found/established with certainty, mening many more expeditions and much more research must be conducted.




Here is an exceptional list regarding Evolutionary proponents that have refused to take a challenge of debate (even with a hefty prize offered) with Creationist scientists. It is astonishing that the number of those who refused to debate is 363,000! The number may be high, but the fact that they will not debate is neither surprising nor a mystery to most Creationists.


Here is an well written article which discusses the recent redeclaration that an asteroid indeed wiped out the dinosaurs.


This article from the Institute for Creation Research discuss how many Evolutionary scientists do not regard "Ida" as any sort of evidence of human evolution.


Here is another article somewhat related to the previous article posted regarding the lack of evidence for dino feathers.


    Jefferson Christian Academy is a self supporting Seventh Day Adventist academy/highschool that opened it's doors in 1914 and has continued to provide quality Christian education for 100 years. Many students from all over the world have come to JCA in it's history and most have fallen in love with Jefferson Christian Academy due to it's solid biblical foundations, high educational standards, and treatment of anyone students, faculty, community or visitor as family in Christ and otherwise. 
    JCA is where this website's creator and administrator went and graduated and is where he currently works. It is where the this websites creator/admin truly found and accepted Christ, learned many important things, and made a large family of loved ones. 
Please consider JCA for the academic and spiritual growth of your children, relatives and loved ones. And please, if you can find it in your heart and bank account in these tough times, consider donating to this amazing school that has been dedicated to serving God and spreading His love for 100 years.

"For the scientist who has lived by faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries."

Robert Jastrow
God and the Astronomers